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June 2011



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Many exciting things may be happening this week, but rather than speculating, I will instead say that I had a great Thanksgiving, and reorganized the house with the help of the lovely Meff. I purchased a beautiful wardrobe on craigslist, which caused a series of rearranging items. This in turn led to much deep cleaning, and the apartment now looks great. There is junk in the closet to go through, but otherwise, I am ready for this year's impending Buffy Coma, which needs to be very productive. So much art to finish! And, it appears I am very close to having a functional live-in studio, just need some gear. I have set it as a high priority to obtain the Canon Rebel EOS. The price has come WAY down, and the whole kit is available at a discount on amazon. Also, a decent scanner, as my all-in-one printer/scanner combo experiment hasn't gone well. I am moving towards a media-hub computer with an awesome monitor for movie watching/photo editing, and a couple of laptops networked in. I plan on fixing up the tablet PC, which was nailed with hideous viruses in Tokyo, and making it a comic book reader. Comic books are readily available in e-book format, and a tablet is exactly what I want to read it on. Also, then I wouldn't be tempted by the ipad, which is so full of DRM, I would rather continue to avoid it.

Thanksgiving was year eight of Vegetarian Feasting. The NY Times seems to have picked up on this trend, and published to that effect now. I did my wild mushroom and brie bread pudding, as well as a root vegetable mash, roasted squash, cranberry, curry grits, cocktails, leek tart, cheese course with an amazing aged French cheese in the shaped of a bell, foccacia, gravy, parsnips, pomegranate salad...and then I made squash-stuffed pasta shells with cream sauce, and schiacciata with leftovers. Roasted potatoes latkes...much cooking has happened over here.

More soon!


Sounds like much to be thankful for! Here's hoping to see you sometime soon!


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